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In 1991 as India adopted Globalization, opened economy for foreign investors, the electricity & oil consumption has increased considerably. We are importing 70 % of our crude oil requirement. This import has put pressure on

     01. Foreign exchange outgo
     02. Global warming

Due to shortage of good quality coal, water , hydro and thermal power plants are not running to full capacities. The UMPP announced with much fanfare are still on paper.

Issue of global warming, depletion of ozone layer is discussed on International level during Doha, Montreal and Kyoto protocol. 138 countries have agreed to reduce GHG by 2020.

Group of professionals decided to change the skyline of India, to work for green India, Green world.
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Timeless Learning Technology

The Bridging Nations Foundation, a NGO in Washington DC that has been conducting educational activities such as seminars, panels, research and publishing since 2002.

They have developed interdisciplinary curriculum that brings all aspects of energy, technology, which is offered by educational entity “College of energy, environment and sustainability” (CEES)

CEES provide a unique approach to education with synchronous & asynchronous E- Learning environment which provides students with maximum flexibility in pursuing green jobs in energy sector.

CEES offer the certificate programmes,

01. Energy Technology, Economics and policy (ETEP)

This interdisciplinary program covers renewable & non renewable energy  technologies,  resorces, economics, environmental impacts, geo-politics & public policies

02. Green Buildings, Architecture & Construction (GBAC)

This program explores how buildings & their environment can be made more sustainable by focusing on lowering their energy and material consumption and reconnecting them to the natural environment

03. Energy, Information and Communication Technology (EICT)  

 ICT will enable the energy sector in managing, controlling and improving the efficiency. The IT jobs in the sector will see a rise in the coming years with advent of smart grids and related advance technologies

04. Energy Efficiency, Audit and Management (EEAM)

This program highlights efficient acquisition, conservation and utilization of energy. This program comprehensively covers all the aspects of Energy Audit and Energy Management and prepares the candidates to take up the challenges in the Energy Efficiency sector.

Apart from above major courses and certificate programs we also have few soft skill courses, which we offer to our students.

Modalities of conduct:

The CEES programs are online learning programs essentially constituting of:

Online lectures in asynchronous mode (recorded learning modules)

Synchronous lectures (interactive classes) in real time and online mode, in which discussions, question –answers will be conducted.

Online evaluation-online assignments given from time to time, exams conducted in secure online mode.

Certificates will be awarded to the students successfully completing the programs and courses.

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